Electric vehicle charging piles can be charged one-to-many

One-to-many charging electric vehicle charging pile, the top of the main body is equipped with a top plate, the front of the main body is equipped with a touch screen, the front of the main body is located under the touch screen with a groove, the top of the groove is equipped with a continuous groove, and the top of the continuous groove is equipped with For the interface, the bottom end of the groove is provided with an arrangement groove, and one side of the groove is continuously provided with an outer cover. The main body, groove and outer cover are based on the rectangular layout of the main body, and the outside touch screen, groove and heat dissipation grid are all four groups, so that the charging pile can charge multiple groups of this vehicle, which is compared with the ancient one-to-one. While occupying area, it is more suitable. When the charging pile is not used, the groove matches the outer cover, which can protect the charging cable, charging head and interface, and avoid the influence of external components. Cause its destruction.


Rotatable active take-up electric vehicle charging pile, the base, the box body that continues to roll on the upper end of the base, and the upper box body that does not last on the upper end of the box body, the base is equipped with an integral rolling assembly, and the box body is equipped with a retractor. The upper box is equipped with a display screen for control, and the rolling of the box can be controlled before charging, so as to meet the charging of all kinds of electric vehicle charging piles. After the charging is over, the box The cable can be bundled into the box to achieve the benefits of a guard cable.
The electric vehicle charging pile wire is automatically reeled and assembled, the reel outer cylinder that surrounds or releases the charging line in a spiral shape, and the active wiring that restricts the charging line on the reel outer cylinder along the spiral track will be wound on the reel. The charging wire on the outer barrel of the wire clamps the same active clamping wire assembly. The charging pile wire is actively reeled, and you can simply pull the charging gun and then mobilize the charging cable to extend out until the charging gun can find the charging port of the electric vehicle charging pile. After the charging is over, the rotating spring mobilizes the charging cable to be wound to the outer cylinder again On the spiral groove of the body. Active wiring can restrict the charging cable to be accurately buried in the spiral groove during the process of pulling the charging cable and rewinding the charging cable. The active wire clamping assembly can be actively unlocked in advance in the process of pulling the charging wire, and the unchanging charging wire can be clamped again in the process of rewinding the charging wire.


Post time: Mar-03-2021