High power and intelligence are the key to breaking the charging pile

Nowadays, new energy vehicles have become the choice of more and more consumers. However, it is worth noting that as the most important supporting facilities for new energy vehicles, charging piles face long charging time, insufficient charging facility service capacity, and low level of intelligence. It can be said that charging piles are the biggest factor restricting the large-scale development of new energy vehicles.

Therefore, how to solve the charging problem has become a top priority for the entire industry. Some insiders believe that high-power charging technology is the key to breaking the charging pile in the future. In this regard, foreign companies have precedents. Swiss ABB has launched the Terra High Power DC fast charging pile, which can output 350 KW, almost three times that of the Tesla super charging pile. In addition, the first ultra-fast charging station of the European Fast Charge Alliance Ionity has also been activated. The charging pile is charged by the combined charging system, and the charging power is up to 350 KW, which can effectively save the charging time.


ABBTerra High Power DC Fast Charge Charging Pile

In China, what level of high-power charging technology has been developed? What charging solutions are there? Go to this exhibition and you will know! On June 15-17, the 11th Shenzhen International Charging Station (Pile) Technical Equipment Exhibition will be held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. Youyou Green Energy, Yingke Rui, Yingfeiyuan, Koshida, Polar Charger, Orange Nearly 200 companies, such as Electric New Energy and Shenzhen Jiangji, will exhibit various charging solutions for bus stations and new technologies and products for high-power charging.

Among the many companies participating in the exhibition, what new products will Shenzhen Youyou Green Energy Electric Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Youyou Green Energy”) bring? It is understood that Youyou Green will exhibit three series of ultra-wide voltage range constant power charging module series, State Grid constant power charging module series and 30KW enhanced E series charging module.

Youyou Green can be the leading brand in the charging module industry. In June 2017, Youyou Green was the first to create a high-power density 30KW charging module. After one year of technological innovation, Youyou Green has launched the latest ultra-wide voltage range constant power module series. Among them, the 30KW ultra-wide voltage range constant power module UR100030-SW performance is more prominent. The UR100030-SW achieves an output voltage range of 200-1000V, and can output 1000V/30A at high voltage and 300V/100A at low voltage, achieving 30KW constant power output over a wide voltage range. The charging pile made by the module can output a larger charging current under the same voltage condition, greatly shortening the charging time, improving the operation efficiency and reducing the operating cost.

At present, Youyou Green has the most comprehensive product series in the field of charging pile power modules, including: 30KW series, 20KW series, 15KW series, national grid constant power series and ultra-wide voltage range constant power series. With strong technical research and development strength, excellent product quality, systematic management mode and independent research and development innovation advantages, the company has been widely recognized by customers. The high reliability of Youyou Green Energy module products is well-known, which is inseparable from its unique spirit and ultimate pursuit.


In addition to high-power charging, intelligence is also the key to breaking the charging pile. At present, many cities are building smart charging piles. These charging piles integrate charging, control, cloud communication and billing functions. After the user enters the charging system, it can be charged by swiping or scanning the code to take power. When the charging is completed, the power is automatically turned off to prevent fire caused by overcharging. Paying by WeChat or Alipay scan code, there is no need to exchange coins at all.

Some industry experts believe that the current domestic development of charging piles is relatively stable, high-power charging, wireless charging will become the main development direction of the industry.

Post time: Jul-20-2020