The benefits of new energy vehicles

With the rise in oil prices, the cost of daily car use has also increased, and the benefits of new energy vehicles are real, they can enjoy low fuel consumption and various benefits of new energy; they have the characteristics of fast charging and long battery life It can be called a panacea to solve the anxiety of battery life. If you are planning to change your car, you may wish to consider one or two.

People's Automobile Federation seizes the independent after-sales track of new energy vehicles in low-tier cities
New energy vehicles have many obvious benefits: they emit less emissions, they are easier to be intelligent, and the cost of charging is more cost-effective than refueling. During the National Day holiday this year, new energy vehicles have become the choice of the majority of car owners to return to their hometown or travel by themselves, and the demand for charging will follow, and the charging capacity will continue to be high.

New energy vehicle battery
The second point is related to the main power of the new energy vehicle, that is, its core component, the battery. New energy vehicles are different from petroleum vehicles. The former is driven by electricity, and the latter is driven by oil combustion. The biggest advantage of petroleum vehicles is that their lifespan is much longer than that of new energy vehicles. As long as some engine maintenance is performed every year, a car is basically Can be open to between 10 and 15 years.
At this time, the 1000km battery life is equivalent to bringing the new energy vehicle from the second choice of the family back to the first choice of the family. And families with petrol vehicles also hope to give their families better travel conditions and smarter choices, so long-life pure electric vehicles have become the best option.

Post time: Jun-02-2022