The principle of new energy vehicle battery

Power lithium batteries are mainly composed of positive electrodes, negative electrodes, electrolytes, separators, etc., and require high energy density, long life, reliability and safety. Its working principle is that the movement of electrons occurs through the chemical reaction between the positive and negative materials and the electrolyte, resulting in an electric current. When charging (taking the estimation of lithium-ion battery as an example), Li﹢ is generated on the positive electrode of the battery, and Li﹢ is deintercalated from the positive electrode and inserted into the negative electrode through the electrolyte; when discharging, the opposite is true, Li﹢ is deintercalated from the negative electrode and inserted into the positive electrode through the electrolyte. .
The important parameters of new energy vehicle battery are specific energy and specific power. Specific energy refers to the electrical energy that the battery can output per unit mass, in Wh/kg; specific power describes the ability of the battery to release energy in an instant, in W/kg. The power lithium battery with high specific energy is like the tortoise in the tortoise and the hare race, with good endurance, can work for a long time, and has a long cruising range; while the power lithium battery with high specific power is like Bolt in the 100-meter race, with fast speed, High instantaneous current can be supplied to ensure the acceleration performance of the car. However, you cannot have both, and usually a battery cannot have both high specific energy and high specific power at the same time.
Regarding the power lithium battery, the consistency of the battery and the number of cycles of charge and discharge directly determine the service life of the vehicle. In order to prolong the service life of the battery, batteries of different brands and different degrees of old and new in our daily life should not be mixed.

"According to production and sales" new energy vehicles grow against the trend, annual sales may exceed 3 million /ur100030-swb-product/ 60kW super power fast charging solution (5)

Post time: May-20-2022