UUGreenPower Releases Four Supercharging Solutions

 UUGreenPower Releases Four Supercharging Solutions!

Core tip: on August 26, the 14th Shanghai International charging facilities industry exhibition was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. In this exhibition, a number of domestic and foreign star enterprises including intelligent charging solutions, supporting facilities solutions, advanced charging technology, intelligent parking system, vehicle power supply, photovoltaic, energy storage system, etc.


In order to solve the increasingly prominent energy crisis and environmental problems, great changes have taken place in the world automobile industry. New energy vehicles have become the main development strategy of various countries, and the layout of technology research and development and the process of industrialization are constantly promoted. In December 2018, the national development and Reform Commission, the national energy administration, the Ministry of industry and information technology and the Ministry of Finance jointly issued the "notice on the action plan for improving the charging support capacity of new energy vehicles", which clearly required "accelerating the research and application of high-power charging technology", "formulating technical standards for high-power charging of electric buses, and carrying out research and development of high-power charging technology for passenger cars and standard pre-warning Research work ". In July 2020, State Grid Corporation of China, together with China Power Grid Corporation, chademo protocol Association of Japan and Tokyo Electric Power Co., Ltd., jointly released the white paper on Chaoji conduction charging technology of electric vehicles, which also marks the new generation of charging technology moving towards a new stage of standard formulation and industrial application, and high-power charging is recognized by more and more industry practitioners.

Surprisingly, in this exhibition, Shenzhen UUGreenPower Electric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as UUGreenPower), the leader of EV intelligent charging and discharging solutions, carried forward its leading edge in technological innovation, and launched four super charging solutions as a whole, as well as UBC 75010 bidirectional V2G charging pile, which can meet the extensive application scenarios of V2G in the future, setting off a wave of climax.

According to China charging pile network, UUGreenPower has continuously launched a number of charging module product series with its strong R & D team and years of technology accumulation in the field of energy conversion, and has maintained its leading position in technology in the industry for a long time. In the last exhibition, the IP65 high protective charging module, which was first launched in the industry through independent innovation, has injected a shot in the arm to the development direction of high reliability and high availability for the charging industry.

In this year's exhibition, the diversified new products launched by UUGreenPower attracted many people from the industry to watch and industry media to compete for coverage. China charging pile network also specially interviewed Bo Jianguo, general manager of UUGreenPower, who patiently introduced new products for us.


Four super charging solutions

40kW super power fast charging solution

According to Bai Jianguo, general manager of UUGreenPower, UUGreenPower continues its leading position in the field of high-power charging technology. With the latest power technology and heat dissipation technology, the 40kW super power charging module maintains the same size and interface with the 30kW module. In the design of the whole pile, the space and cost of the whole pile are saved. The power density of the whole pile is increased by 30%, and the unit price per watt is decreased by 10%.

40kW super power fast charging solution (1) 

The first provider in the industry to promote the same size, higher power of 40kW charging module, power density up to 60W / in3, leading the industry benchmark.

Three level Vienna PFC topology, four LLC interleaved parallel topology, magnetic integrated coupling technology, precise digital control algorithm, optimal thermal design layout

Adapt to the development route of high power and fast charging in the industry

The power density of the whole pile is increased by 30%, and the unit price cost per watt is reduced by 10%

 40kW super power fast charging solution (2)

IP65 high protection fast charging solution

The core component of the charging pile is the charging module. The reliability and stability of its performance is the key to the reliability of the charging point system. With the rapid increase of the number of charging piles installed in China, the difference of actual operation performance of charging modules is gradually reflected. In recent years, the failure rate of charging module has been a key problem affecting the availability of charging point system.

According to the analysis of industry experts, charging piles are generally installed outdoors in dusty, high-temperature and rain exposed environment. Although the protection grade of charging piles is generally IP54, the design of charging module is generally IP20 through wind design. Dust, salt fog, rain water condensation in the environment will inevitably enter into the module, and then affect the service life. Therefore, to fundamentally solve this problem, improving the environmental protection of charging module will be the key.

In this exhibition, UUGreenPower exhibited the upgraded version 2.0 of its IP65 high protection module. After more than one year's harsh environmental verification, the new version of the module can be put on the market in a large scale soon. The IP65 high protection module adopts the patented independent air duct heat dissipation technology, and the system reliability is greatly improved. The overall life cycle TCO of the charging pile system can be saved by about 40000 RMB compared with IP20 module in 10 years.

40kW super power fast charging solution (6)

It is suitable for severe application environment such as sand dust, salt fog and condensation

Module reliability is improved, maintenance free for 5 years, and annual maintenance cost is saved about 3000 RMB / year

The whole charging pile is upgraded to IP65 without waterproof design of charging module, which saves cost

The charging pile does not need AC contactor, dust-proof cotton, exhaust fan, saving about 3000 RMB / cabinet

Taking the 120kw single pile as an example, the TCO savings of 5 years and 10 years are about 10000 RMB and 40000 RMB respectively

40kW super power fast charging solution (3)

30kW high flexibility quick charging solution

Bo Jianguo, general manager of UUGreenPower, also introduced another star product, series 30kW charging module with multiple specifications for different scenarios. According to Mr. Bai, this module can meet the fast charging requirements of charging stations in different scenarios and help customers realize the best cost application scheme. For example, 750V / 40A for bus charging station, 1000V / 30A for operating vehicle charging station and 500V / 60A for power exchange station. In addition, for the salt spray condensation environment, there are glue filling specification (f) module and European specification (b) module for European market.

40kW super power fast charging solution (6) 

Leading market share of 30kW high power charging module

Various specifications are available. 750V / 40a, 1000V / 30A and 500V / 60A are suitable for different charging scenarios, such as bus charging station, social operation vehicle charging station and power exchange station

Full filling specification (f) is optional, suitable for severe environmental applications

European Standard Specification (b) optional, suitable for European standard charging station

According to different scenarios, select the appropriate specifications to achieve the best cost application scheme


Intelligent monitoring of EV charging solution

At the same time, in order to meet the compatible access requirements of one machine with three guns required by the overseas European standard charging pile, UUGreenPower also specially launched the umev04 charging pile monitoring module at this exhibition. One monitoring unit can be compatible with European standard, Japanese standard and National standard monitoring protocols. Compared with the common adapter board scheme in the market, the monitoring cost can be saved by about 50%.

 40kW super power fast charging solution (4)

Specially designed for new energy charging pile, responsible for communication with electric vehicle power battery to realize the whole charging process control

Unified support of national standard, European standard and Japanese standard

Support the new national standard double gun, European standard double gun, Japanese standard double gun, exchange double gun

Support one machine with three guns (CCS + chademo + AC)

Support one machine with three guns (CCS + CCs + GB / T)

Support one machine with three guns (CCS + chademo + GB / T)

Compared with the general adapter board in the market, the monitoring cost can be saved by about 50%


UBC series bidirectional V2G charging pile

In the interview, Mr. Bai mentioned that the rapid increase in the number of charging piles has also brought another problem that can not be ignored. By 2030, the number of new energy vehicles in China will reach 80 million. At that time, the disorderly access of a large number of charging piles will lead to severe load changes, which will cause great impact on the power grid. If no measures are taken, serious problems such as power grid overload and even no power supply may occur by 2020.

Orderly charging has become an important means to alleviate or even eliminate this effect. It can guide and coordinate the charging behavior, help the power grid to cut the peak load and fill the valley, improve the utilization efficiency of the distribution network and the operation ability of the power grid, and achieve a win-win situation between the users and the grid. The charging pile with V2G function will be a sharp tool to realize orderly charging and discharging of power grid.

A V2G bidirectional charging pile UBC 75010 with white wind bright shell and horselight design was found in the booth of UUGreenPower. The product adopts IP65 high protection design and high frequency isolation, with wide constant power voltage range and low noise design. The grid connected voltage can adapt to national standard, European standard and American Standard. The rated power is 7KW, which can adapt to the installation environment of 7KW AC charging pile. It can be replaced directly and has excellent engineering convenience.

"Think about this scene. When you park your electric vehicle in the parking lot with UBC bidirectional charging pile installed in the company during the day, and pick up the car after work at night, you will unconsciously charge dozens of yuan into your account. Is it a very comfortable feeling?" Mr. Bai said



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