Volkswagen mobile charging station will debut in Germany next March

A division of the Volkswagen Group has developed and released a mobile charging station for electric vehicles, electric scooters and electric bicycles, called the Volkswagenpassat mobile charging station. To celebrate its 80th anniversary, Volkswagen will install 12 mobile charging stations in Wolfsburg, Germany. The Volkswagen Passat mobile charging station actually provides 200 kWh of energy, equivalent to the energy of an e-Golf equipped with 5.6 batteries.

The mobile charging station’s energy comes from “green” energy: solar and wind. As a pilot project for charging electric vehicles, residents of Wolfsburg can use it for free. The battery of the mobile charging station can operate independently of the main power supply and can also be charged or replaced.

The mobile charging station will be moved to different locations according to the current needs of the city. For example, in places where social events, football matches, or concerts are held, such charging stations can simultaneously charge four different vehicles, such as electric bicycles and electric vehicles. In short, Volkswagen plans to invest 10 million euros in the city of Wolfsburg, Germany to build a charging infrastructure. The first of the 12 charging stations will be established in March 2019 and will also be included in the mobile charging station deployment network.

Klaus Mors, Mayor of Wolfsburg, Germany, accepted the plan to establish 12 mobile charging stations in the city and said: “Volkswagen and Wolfsburg will develop smart mobile travel in the future. The headquarters of the group, Wolfsburg, is the first laboratory to test Volkswagen’s new products before entering the real world. The charging station is an important step in creating an efficient charging network that will encourage people to choose electric vehicles. The electric mobile travel mode will improve. Urban air quality makes the city more peaceful.”

Post time: Jul-20-2020