Short Description:

UMEV01 and UMEV02 is the monitoring and control unit equipped with LCD touch color screen, has a User-friendly interaction interface, designed specifically for EV charger. It communicates with the BMS, and control the charging module to complete the charging process, and It has various functions such as billing, card reading, networking, data recording, remote control, fault alarm and inquiries.

Product Detail

●  User-friendly interaction interface;

●  Display electric vehicle battery charging information;

●  Display the working status of the charging module;

●  Display alarm information.

●  System parameter settings.


●  LCD touch color screen;

●  Support five charging modes (automatic, timer, fixed power, fixed amount, pre-order);

●  Independent CAN bus interfaced with BMS;

●  Independent CAN bus communication with the charging module (reserved);

●  Support multipleway user programmable inputs isolated by opto-coupler;

●  Support multipleway user programmable relay outputs;

●  2 Independent RS232, multiple way Isolated RS485

●  Multiple way temperature sampling;

●  Support insulation detection access;

Item Parameter
Model IUMEV01
DC input lnput voltage 12V~30V (rated 12V)
Input Current <1A
3 CAN Connect with electric vehicle BMS and power module
2 RS232 Connect with card reader, LCD touch screen
2 RS485 Connect with the smart electricity meter and voltmeter
2 RS485 Connect with power modules, insulation detection unit
2路RS485 2G/3G/4G module, another user defined
8 temperature sampling Collect charge gun temperature with reserved ports
20 user programmable inputs Used to detect signals such as emergency stop button, contacting information, lock status of guns, and lightning arrester status
19 user programmable relay outputs Power battery charging current and voltage regulation
Power Battery Charge Management BMS communication Protection of overcharge in charging process
Battery charging Control DC & AC contactors, BMS auxiliary power supplies, charge gun electronic locks, etc
Overvoltage protection Electric vehicle power BMS communication management
Charging mode AC input over/under voltage alarm
Battery capacity calculation Supports five charging modes
Charging Module management Switch control Calculation of power battery capacity
Charging current control Switch control of power modules
Charging voltage control Output current control of power modules
Module working information output voltage control of power modules
Energy saving management Display the current working information of the power modules
Alarm AC Intelligent power module has its own energy saving management system
DC DC output over-voltage, over-current and insulation alarm
Power Battery BMS communication, battery over-current and over-voltage alarms
power module power module failure alarm
Environment Ambient temperature over temperature and low temperature alarms
Operatingenvironment Working temperature  -30℃~70℃
Storage temperature  - 40℃~85℃
Working humidity ≤95% without condensation
Pressure 79kPa~106kPa
Physicalcharacteristics Dimensions UMEV01:220mm*160mm*42mm(Length*Width*Depth)UMEV02:160mm*125mm*42mm (Length*Width*Depth)
Module net weight <1KgB

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