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15KW seriesEV charging rectifieris specially developed for the EV DC super charger. It has high power factor, high efficiency, high power density, high reliability, intelligent control and handsome appearance advantage. Hot pluggable and intelligent digital control techniques work together to predictively prevent failures and ensure high reliability.

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1.Ultrahigh efficiency: the highest efficiency> 96%, rated efficiency> 95%;

2.Super small size: 300mm*84mm*437.5mm (height * width * depth);

3.Ultra highpower density: power density up to 45W/in³;

4.Ultrawide output voltage range: 200VDC ~ 1000VDC;

5.Ultrasmall output ripple voltage:peak-to-peak ripple ≤ 2V;

5.Ultrasmall standby power consumption: standby power ≤ 11W;

6.Complete protection and alarm functions: input over/under voltage, output over voltage, over current, Overtemperature protection, output under voltage alarm, output short circuit protection;

7.LED can display output voltage, output current, group address, protocol,module address, manual or automatic, fault information;

8.Support CAN, 485 bus communication, power modules can be grouped by controller;;

9.Adopt DSP digital control and support voltage and current adjustment function;

Main Feature



Item Parameter
Model UR120100-E
DC  Output Rated Output 120V /100A
Constant power 120V
Output voltage range 30~120V
Output current range 0~100A
Output overvoltage protection 130±5V
Output undervoltage alarm 30V±2V
Short circuit protection Overload fold backand short circuit proof
Voltage stabilized accuracy ≤±0.5%
Load sharing ≤±3%
Max. startup overshoot ≤±1%
Current stabilized accuracy ≤±1%
Startup Time Normally 3s≤t≤8s
Efficiency Highest efficiency>96%, rated efficiency>95%
AC  input Input voltage 260VAC~485VAC(3phase without neutral)
Input frequency 45Hz~65Hz
THD ≤5%
Number of items Three phase + protection ground
Power factor PF ≥ 0.99
Max. input current <31A
Input undervoltage protection 255V ±5V
Input overvoltage protection 490V ±5V
Input Power Derating 260V ±5V<Vin<304V±5V,
linearderating from 100% to 50%.
Communication CAN&485
Max. Number of parallel machines 60pcs
Alarm and status Report to monitor via CAN bus or 485 bus ; Display it on LED panel
Operating temperature  -30℃~70℃,derating from 55℃
Over temperature protection On temperature >70°C±4°C or <-40°C±4°C, module will shut down automatically
Storage temperature  - 40℃~85℃
Humidity ≤95% RH, without condensation
Pressure/Altitude 79kPa~106kPa/2000m
Acoustic Noise <55dB
Cooling Fan cooling
Dimensions 219.5mm (H) *84mm (W) *395mm (D)
Weight <10Kg
MTBF >120000 hrs(40℃)

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